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Feb. 22nd, 2008

ROTF @ Hanson's song "Traci Brown". ROTFLMFAO. I just... it's so corny... l... champagne delicious??!
I must have it on a CD. Sometimes you just need a good laugh and "Natalie Portman" gets old after a while.
I will admit, though, it would be fucking sweetah to have Hanson write a song about me (or really anyone for that matter). Sometimes I pretend that Mary is me because I really do <3 Love Song, but it makes me sad that it's really not. Plus, once an Ike girl always an Ike girl... I would never leave the brotha. Plus... well, I'm not gonna get into my hatred and blantenly obvious jealousy of Nikki... I ain't sayin she's a gold-digger-- but she sure ain't messin with no br-broke nigga [if ya know what I meaan].
*clears throat* I mean it would be terrible if "Love Song" turns out to be complete irony *cough* down the road.... *cough*

Tour dates? Where, y'all? I know they're not coming here... but maybe somewhere close...?

/ end nerdy Hanson-ness

Just wanted to share some things I love...

I love having a job
I love bottled water that's been in the fridge for weeks
I love corny songs about strangers
I love the first moment of complete relaxation before I fall asleep
I love the way it feels when I'm getting high but not quite there
I love my friends
I love the show Ghost Hunters b/c Steve makes me feel like melty sauce
I love my silly dog and even my cute but gross hamsters
I love staying up late at night
I think I love road trips most of all
And the way it feels when I make someone laugh until they can't breathe.
[and I love Hanson, damn-it]

I love life again, and I am grateful. I just needed a real job to kick my lazy butt out of that rut.

I can't wait until i can straighten my teeth, go to the doctor, start working out, start having my own weed. I want to GO OUT. I want to be able to buy everyone coffee and feed them and treat my mom like she should be treated by her trying-to-be-ex mooch of a daughter. I want to see mooooooovies and drink tasty drinks without someone else paying lol I can't wait to be able to buy myself food AND the person I'm with. I LOVE HAVING A JOB. Most of all I love having a job I really, really, really like. I haven't felt this good about a job since I started talking to Michael and EJ at Einstein's. My life is going in a good direction. I can do this, I can keep this up, I can finally start to fly.

Snowed in

So that little winter storm we were supposed to get turned out to be a little bigger than everyone thought. When I went to bed last night it was snaining and there was a little bit of ice on the roads... as of 5:00 this morning there's about 3 inches of snow and it's still coming down. LOVE IT!
I have that interview today so I'm excited about that. I hope they think I totally rock and give me the job right away. My mom is actually driving me there cause she said she doesn't trust my little Nissan in this weather. Man, we've been through harder but whateva. We're getting lunch and Panera after so I can't complain.


CNA job in KANSAS?

So, as most of my friends know I am a CNA but I haven't had a CNA job, like, EVER... cause I'm a procrastinator and can be really lazy. BUT ANYWAY.

I filled out an application at CareerBuilder.com for this really cool looking nursing home and the hiring manager totally called me back today. I have an interview tomorrow at 11 and then i take my KS certification test Thursday. OH MY GOSH, that's exciting. So this means that I will probably (if luck is on my side) have a job even before I am certified in Kansas. I'm telling ya, Kansas is the effin place to BE. If it wasn't so damned expensive to live there I'd totally just move.

SO everyone send me good luck vibes cause heaven knows I need them

Oh and they totally offer benefits for over 20 hours a week. That's like 3 days a week, y'all!

Feb. 4th, 2008

SO... it's friggin 60 degrees out right now. Absolutely beautiful. The sun's shining and the clouds are white. Tomorrow it's going to snow. Wednesday is going to be 35. WHY?
My brother broke the kitchen... it pretty much sucks.

My mom wanted him to install a new faucet and he works on CARS not PLUMBING so now the kitchen is flooded cause he can't turn off the water to the washer and dryer. My mom's flipping out. I wish I could take a shower. LoL how weird is it to get a call from a friend asking you if they can take a shower in your apartment? Well, I'm gonna do it because I hate feeling stinky. <3

Can you believe it's Jan 27th already?
So... I woke up about 20 minutes ago pretty sure that we were all going to die because I was super dizzy, disoriented, and nausiated. I was convinced it was carbon monoxide poisoning. I woke up my mom to ask if she felt dizzy and she told me I had the flu. Huh? I was in my room changing into something warmer so I could go outside and get some fresh air... and all the sudden it hit me. Puking your guts out at 5:00 am really blows.

I haven't had the flu since my freshman year of college. This should be awesome.

Jan. 24th, 2008

I spend some much damn time reading and responding to crap on ohnotheydidnt that I forget to update this thing.

Life is lifey. There's never too much going on. Most of the time I devolge in feeling gossipy and talk about celebs because they're more entertaining to me than my own life lol. But my friends rule and today is my brother's 21st birthday. I wish I could afford to take him somewhere and get shit faced, but alas I cannot. If he smoked weed I'd have his back, though haha.

So when I heard that Heath Ledger was dead I froze. At first I couldn't believe my ears, I had refused to believe it until I saw it on ONTD. I think I died a little inside when I was surfing around the internetz and saw the bodybag picture. It actually felt like my heart dropped down into my stomach. This loss saddens me deeply. AND BOO FOR THE PICTURES OF MILEY CYRIS DRESSED GOTH. Yes people, it's fuckin GOTH not "Emo". I can't believe people would let the genre die. I will never forget my goth days- black lipstick will always have a special place in my heart's hell.

AND boo for every time I shut down Limewire it starts back up again. WTF?



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