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meraschinomary's Journal

25 August 1983
Hello darlings, I'm Mary!

My journal is friends only because I'm sure some of what I say can offend people. I talk about drinking and smoking a lot. I like to party with my friends but in moderation. I'm a CNA and my job is pretty much awesome. I gripe about it a lot, though. That's because it's my journal and I can say what I want. Most of it is pointless gibberish, every once in a while I come up with something profound... but it doesn't happen often. I'm terrified of bugs and love animals. I am on a long awaited weight loss journey, so I talk about that a lot as well (though not as often as I should). My friends tell me I'm a hippie... I feel have been born in the 50s so I could have enjoyed the 60s and 70s. I think that maybe I did live during that era. I believe in ghosts and I LOVE The X-Files. That 70s Show is my favorite sitcom in syndication and I watch a lot of Discovery, Discovery Health and Animal Planet!

My interests pretty much sum up everything about me ;)